Where we started

Since 2008 we have understood that the key to success is innovation. Yum Software is a company that maximizes its success by always using creativity and new technologies to accomplish its goals and projects.

How we started

We offer technical and creative assistance for digital marketing firms seeking out innovative solutions for their clients. Yum Software itself is focused on digital publishing, with the help of great affiliate partners that have been consolidated over the years.

Our marketing firm partnerships ensure Yum Software's ability to consistently provide software solutions for advertising clients, making sure that they are always satisfied with their choice.

Our team growth

The Romanian headquarters has several teams that deal with content delivery and variously associated support departments.

Some of these teams include: Email Specialists, Network Engineers, Sys Admins, Software Developers, R&D Specialists, each one of them experts in their fields. The support departments that backs up the Email Delivery Process include: Tech Resources, Online Marketing, Human Resources, Compliance and Delivery Support.

What we achieved

We are in charge of promoting advertiser clients through our marketing firm partnerships and our results reassure them on a daily basis that we are the best choice.

Each team member achieves wonderful results through continuous self improvement and perseverance.